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Preparing dinner in a multi-million dollar victorian

I work in all types of kitchens. From small studios to large victorians. Some of my friends and clients are always curious about the homes and kitchens I work in. I decided to create a weekly blog posts of my personal chef experiences in homes.

Here is my experience working in one of my dream kitchens of a multi million dollar home. I had the most fabulous cook date last week in one of the most beautiful homes I have ever worked in.

My client was a mother of two toddlers and a newborn. She looked extremely fit for having a newborn! She was warm and welcoming. I was cooking for her and her brother's family. They were a casual friendly bunch. While I was prepping- I was treated to overhearing a lovely impromtu performance by one of the kids on the piano. So lovely to hear a "live concert" while cooking. The kitchen was phenomenal There were two miele ovens, two dishwashers, an 8 range stove. Not only were there marble counters, there was a large marble wall to the ceiling above the stove with the stove hood installed in the marble. I have only seen this in a two other homes. Along with a marble kitchen island with a large sink and plenty of storage. The bonus was a breath taking view facing east. The evening was full of great conversation. The family even told me how excited they were about the arrival of their new Tesla for their family. The funny thing is since the dog gets car sick, the dog will be riding shotgun. That is one lucky dog. The family was incredibly thankful. The kids gave me hugs, they were happy to spend more time with their family. All the parents thanked me since I saved them time with meal planning, shopping and prep. We all agreed the best part is I left the kitchen spotless.

Menu for the evening: Starter: trio of local cheeses ( FYI-don't be late for the cheese plate-your family will leave you with cheese crumbs:-) Pomme anna, asparagus, roasted cauliflower, milk fed rack of lamb with micro greens.

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